My name is Sami, and I help you (re-) discover and define what's valuable now and in the future.

⟶ If you're a startup, I will help you crystallise your big idea into a product that breaks the growth barrier with ease.

⟶ If you work in a corporation, I'll help you navigate ambiguity redefining and imagining what is valuable for your business now, and in the future, and build bridges to get there.

In the past I've helped growth companies like Beddit, Oura and Starship to reach their goals, from finding their market-fit to solidifying their base for new funding to exits.

I've worked with global and local top corporations to find and crystallise new value through new concepts, strategies and ways of working — from Red Dot -awarded Pivo for OP Bank to Telia Esports Series to making sense of future strategies, frameworks and concepts to top European and global companies such as ING Group, Cisco and Google.

As this is just a fraction of what I've done and can do for you, I encourage you to get in touch for more ⟶ sami.niemela@gmail.com or +358 50 528 9265 (GMT+2) or @samin.

I've worked in design for over two decades. Since 2007, I am a founding partner and the creative director at Nordkapp, an awarded strategic design firm based in Helsinki and Amsterdam. Prior to Nordkapp I worked extensively for and in media, entertainment and technology industries and at Nokia Design. The teams I've worked with have been awarded 10-ish international patents for inventions and 40-ish industry awards and mentions for the quality and results of the creative work.

In addition, I serve as a member of the board at IxDA. Before, was member of the board at Grafia, co-chaired sold out Interaction 16 in Helsinki, as well as Primer Conference EU in 2018. Over the years I've delivered tens of successful keynotes, workshops and talks about how to use our skills in making better, more responsible futures, for example in Milan, Buenos Aires (virtual), Helsinki and San Francisco among many others. Ask me for more.

My short biography is here, and most recent photos here. Talk to me at +358 50 528 9265 (GMT+2) through Whatsapp, for example. I tweet, snap photos, read. Connect with me on Linkedin here.

I would love to speak at your event, virtual or physical. I deliver engaging and inspiring keynotes and workshops on design, futures and strategies. I charge a base fee for my talks, and certain events that are mutually beneficial are negotiable for travel & accomondation. I compensate my travel 100% through European Carbon Market and Compensate.